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Criminal Legal Aid Cases

Documents required and how to proceed in criminal matters

In criminal cases no documents are requested to make a person eligible for the service. A person may ask the Police, the Magistrate or Judge presiding the case, or come to our offices, to request to be assisted by a legal aid lawyer.
Legal aid request when held for interogation and /or under arrest 

A person called by the Police for interrogation or held under arrest has the right to be assisted by the legal aid lawyer on the daily roster. This person may request the police officer that is interrogating him/her or that has arrested him/her to be assisted by a legal aid lawyer.
Appealing from a judgment 

A person that wants to use legal aid in order to appeal from a sentence of the Court of Magistrates, must immediately on that same day or the following day when the sentence was given, go to the Legal Aid Malta Agency in order to make the necessary arrangements so that the person will be referred to the Head Advocate. It would be useful that the person brings a copy of the judgment that was delivered.
A person who has been sentenced by the Court of Magistrates and had the judgment appealed by the prosecution may also be assisted by legal aid. The person must request the presiding judge to be assisted with a legal aid lawyer or else refer to our offices to direct the client accordingly. ​

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