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Civil Legal Aid Cases

Documents required and h​ow to proceed in civil procedures​

Before scheduling an appointment with the Advocate for Legal Aid a person needs to present the following documents (or the applicable relative documents) to the Agency’s official at the first meeting in order for a means test to be conducted and to assess whether the ​person is eligible to benefit from legal aid: ​

¨  Document from the Department of Social Security showing the income of the preceding twelve months that a person received from the State;

¨  FS3 of the work/s and payslips of the salaries/wages received during the preceding twelve months;

¨  A Bank statement of the precedin​g twelve months for every account held by the person applying for legal aid service;

¨  Document from the Employment Agency of the person’s job history;

¨  Official identity card or passport;

¨ ​ Documentary evidence (legal rental contract and receipts of payment) if you are living in a rented place;

¨  Court decree ordering maintenance payment to the other party and children and receipts thereof;​

¨  Court documents that the person applying for legal aid might have received;

¨  Other related documents, such as:

·      For marriage separation proceedings: marriage certificate and birh certificates of the children;

·      For marriage annulment or divorce: a copy of the marriage separation deed;

·      Amendments in Public Registry certificates: birth certificate / marriage certificate / death certificate;

·      Issues relating to wills: a copy of the will, etc.​

A meeting with the Agency officials will establish whether the person is eligible to benefit from legal aid. If the person is eligible, an appointment is scheduled with the Advocate for Legal Aid in order to discuss the case or problem under review. The Head Advocate will inform the client whether he or she has reasonable grounds to commence proceedings or to defend themselves in the proceedings according to the case.

Appealing from a judgment in civil matt​ers

A legal aid lawyer and a legal procurator assigned to a legal aid client shall remain responsible for a cause assigned to him as aforesaid, until the same has been finally disposed of, even though the period of his appointment may have expired.​

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